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Oxford Chapter

The Oxford Chapter of Les Gemmes, Inc. recieved its charter on January 5, 1980 with twenty-four members. Today we are 34 strong and accept the challenges put to us by our community as well as by our national body with the belief that the Oxford Chapter of Les Gemmes, Inc CAN AND WILL MAKE A DIFFERECE!  

Chapter President

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Chapter President’s Message

Dear Gemme Sisters, 

We, the Les Gemmes, would like to continue being known for our commitment to and involvement in the community, our unique sense of style, and our ability to lend a sharying and caring hand to our Granville community.

I believe in us, as we make an effort to change our world. Our chances of success are magnified by everyone’s cooperation and assistance. Granville County can trust that the Les Gemmes will continue to promote positive programs in the areas of education, culture and raise charitable donations for the community. 


Vivian Reed, President 


Oxford Chapter 

2019 Scholarship Recipients

Sharkia Fields and Jayda Collins 

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Gemme Gayzelle Parker presented Scholarships to three local students on behalf of the Oxford Chapter of Les gemmes. Scholarship recipients are Erica Green, Tamiya Thomas and Regia Williams

Furloughed Employee Relief

Fuloughed employees recieve relief from local volunteers. Oxford Chapter of Les Gemmes partnered with several local agencies to provide food and gas card to fuloughed federal government employees.

"Paint & Wine"

Oxford Les Gemmes shared and evening on the town. We are pleased to present our Picasso work in the organization.

"Black History Month Costume Ball"

Oxford Les Gemmes host a Valentines Party

The Oxford Les Gemmes hosted a Valentines Party for our senior citizens at Brentwood Nursing Home.

"Les Gemmes Christmas Party"

We work, we play, and we party. Our annual “Les Gemmes Christmas Party” was a fun time for all. 

Oxford Chapter Goals

The Oxford Chapter’s continuing goal is to make itself a viable force in the Granville County community. We are continally involved in the political arena. Our concers for the community are multi faceted with assistance and gifts to families, with particular empasis on children and the elderly, woman of domestic violence, mental institutions, and nursing homes. We are also concerned with the educational needs of our youth and adults and act on these concerns by serving as members of tutorial programs at public housing units, the Central Children’s Home, and in our local chruches. 

Chapter Programs

A major modernization program was lauch at our local hospital, and Oxford Les Gemmes readily pledged our support in the amount of $1,000.00. We supported the local Senior Center opening with a new electric range, and one of our national projects culminated in a gift of $2,5000.00 to the Central Children’s Home.

Chapter Membership

Our Chapter is blessed with a membership which consists of professionals ranging from doctors of medicine, to doctors of education, nurses, educators, entrepreneurs in various fields, secretaries, social workers, the City Planning Director, Oxford’s first Black Deputy City Clerk, the EPA, the airline industy, a director of patient advocacy, and retireesd. This diverse membership affords us an unlimited working range.

Oxford Chapter

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