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Les Gemmes, Incorporated

Upward, Onward, United We Stand

Les Gemmes, Incorporated (French; means “the Jewels, and pronounced “lay gem”), was founded in September 1955 in Norfolk, Virginia by four young ladies who had grown up as friends from childhood. Attending HBCUs in North Carolina and Virginia, Melvine Blakeley, Lena Siler, Queenie Branch, and Inez Mercer Brown were educators as well as visionaries.

However, it was in the interest of socializing and monetary saving that they envisioned a club which would ultimately affect positive change, encourage high scholastic achievement, and foster a greater sense of unity among its members.

Les Gemmes, Incorporated 2020-2022 Programs

“Our 2020 – 2022 National Program Components continue to build upon service areas in our signature theme “Embracing the Keys to a Strong, Vibrant Community”.


Our Mission

Les Gemmes, Incorporated is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, civic, and cultural purposes; and is committed to promoting positive influences within local communities.

National Program

The 2020-2022 National Program is “Embracing the Keys to a Strong, Vibrant Community”.  We are committing to the following 7 keys: Community Art, Homeless Families, Civic & Political Involvement, Veteran Support, Healthy Women, Youth Power, and Leadership Development.


Les Gemmes, Inc. has chapters located Les Gemmes Incorporated has chapters located across the United States. Please click below for each chapter’s information.

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