Les Gemmes, Incorporated

Upward, Onward, United We Stand

Our Leadership

 Embracing the Keys to a Strong, Vibrant Community.”

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National Program

The focus of the current 2020 National Program is in the areas of Health, Education & Economics, Intra-Organizational Programs, Honors Programs, Technology & Senior Service.

Our Mission

Les Gemmes, Incorporated is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, civic, and cultural purposes; and is committed to promoting positive influences within local communities.  


Les Gemmes, Inc. has chapters located in Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and The District of Columbia. Please Click below for more information.

Les GemmeS, Incorporated

Presidents Message

In 1955, this remarkable organization was founded in Norfolk, Virginia by four young college women. Their vision of positive change focused on charitable, educational, civic and cultural endeavors aimed at promoting and establishing positive influences within local communities. Our 2020 – 2021 National Program continues to build upon these service areas in our signature theme “Embracing the Keys to a Strong, Vibrant Community.”  As a distinguished service organization, Les Gemmes, Incorporated views “problems” as “opportunities” to positively initiate changes within our individual and collective communities.”

– Luvenia R. Harrison, National President & CEO


Luvenia r. harrison

National President & CEO 


Presidents Corner

The Latest News & Updates

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