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Community Art Program

Activities dedicated to strengthening communities by creating opportunities for individuals of all generations to connect to the Arts; activities related to book clubs, concerts, museums, town festivals, a variety of artists.

E-mail: CommunityArt@lesgemmes1955.org

Gwen Brown-Felder

Community Art Program Coordinator

Homeless Families

Homelessness is defined as living in housing that is below the minimum standard or lacks secure tenure.  Due to the COVID19 Pandemic, the faces of the homeless has and will dramatically change.  Millions who have already lost jobs due to the pandemic and can no longer pay their mortgages and rent are temporarily protected by a stay through the government; however, it is temporary.  Therefore, one of the “2020-2022 Program Keys” of Les Gemmes, Inc. is to put into place initiatives that will address “Homelessness” in our communities. 

 E-mail: HomelessFamiles@lesgemmes1955.org

Shirley Nix-Davis

Homeless Families Program Coordinator

Civic and Political Involvement Program

Working to educate our communities on issues that affect lives and families. Selection and advocacy of community issues.

E-mail: CivicandPoliticalInvolvement@lesgemmes1955.org

Linda Jefferson

Civic and Political Involvement Program Coordinator

Veterans Support Program

Both men and women soldiers serve us and at times are neglected and need help with various issues; serve as volunteers; sponsor activities/special dinners/celebrations.

E-mail: VeteransSupport@lesgemmes1955.org

Connie Davis

Veterans Support Program Coordinator

Healthy Women Program

Activities that support such conditions as breast cancer, heart disease, dementia, depression, etc.

E-mail: HealthyWomen@lesgemmes1955.org

Andrian Hibler-Bethel

Healthy Women Program Coordinator

Youth Power Program

Activities that relate to the growth and behavior development of girls and boys. Our youth program should focus more on behaviors.

E-mail: YouthPower@lesgemmes1955.org

Donna Dean

Youth Power Program Coordinator

Leadership Development Program

Internal training and development for Gem sisters, succession preparation, and leadership trainings.

E-mail: LeadershipDevelopment@lesgemmes1955.org

Shirline Johnson

Leadership Development Coordinator